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Job Opening -December 201431/12/2014
Job Opening - November 201429/11/2014
Job Opening-October 201431/10/2014
Job Opening - September 201430/09/2014
Job Opening-August 201430/08/2014
Job Openings - July 201428/07/2014
Job Openings-June 201430/06/2014
Job Openings - May 201426/05/2014
Job Openings - April 201428/04/2014
Job Opening - March 201424/03/2014
Job Openings - February 201424/02/2014
Job Opening - January 201406/01/2014
Job Opening - December 201330/12/2013
Convocation Ceremony 2013-1431/07/2014
Job Openings-November 201329/11/2013
Job Openings - October 201329/10/2013
Job Openings - September 201330/09/2013
Internship Drive - ICICI Pru AMC23/08/2013
Internship Drive - ICICI Pru AMC09/08/2013
Job Openings - August 201329/08/2013
Job Openings - July 201329/07/2013
Job Openings - June 201329/06/2013
Job Openings - May 201329/05/2013
Placement Drive - f Freedom27/04/2013
Job Openings - April 201329/04/2013
SBI Life - Basics of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Insurance22/03/2013
Millward Brown - Importance of Financial Planning – Basics16/03/2013
Job Openings - March 201329/03/2013
Industrial Visit - SK Somaiya: BAF Students05/02/2013
Job Openings - February 201325/02/2013
Internship Drive - Flagship HR24/01/2013
Industrial Visit - SK Somaiya: BFM Students10/09/2012
Job Openings - January 201329/01/2014
SK Somaiya - Investor Forum18/09/2012
Convocation Ceremony 2012-1320/08/2012
SBI Life - Financial Tools for Selling (FTS)01/03/2012
SBI Life - Financial Tools for Selling (FTS) - Train the trainer02/01/2012
Internship Drive - ICICI Pru AMC09/10/2013
Convocation Ceremony 2011-1230/11/2012
Activities / Workshops at various educational institutions
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New CFP batches, 13 Jun 2018

Business Standard – Article titled ‘Ways to leave a bigger legacy for your heirs’ quotes Malhar Majumdar, CFPCM, Arnav Pandya, CFPCM and Suresh Sadagopan, CFPCM, 10 May 2018

Business Standard– Authored article titled ‘Greed’ travels faster than ‘Need’ by Harsh Roongta, CFPCM, 10 May 2018


Career Guidance session on Finance, 09 May 2018

Hindustan Times – Article titled ‘Moms, let’s plan finances’ quotes Melvin Joseph, CFPCM and Deepali Sen, CFP CM, 08 May 2018

Mint – Authored article titled ‘IPOs are better than stocks’ by Kalpesh Ashar, CFP CM, 08 May 2018

Mint – Article titled ‘Instead of saving randomly, we now invest in a structured manner’ quotes Melvin Joseph, CFPCM, 08 May 2018

Mint– Q&A titled ‘Interest earned on PF accounts after you leave your job or retire is taxable’ answered by Surya Bhatia, CFP CM, 08 May 2018

Mint – Authored article titled ‘THE MODI MOULD FOR INDIAN REGULATORS’ by Monika Halan, CFP CM, 08 May 2018

The Hindu Business Line – Authored Article titled ‘Your Financial Plan’ by Suresh Parthsarathy, CFPCM, 05 May 2018

The Economic Times – Article titled ‘7 CHEAPEST ULIPs’ quotes Pankaj Mathpal, CFP CM, 05 May 2018

The Economic Times – Article titled ‘Mutual funds still the best option for debt investors’ quotes Melvin Joseph, CFP CM, 05 May 2018

The Economic Times – Article titled ‘Primary goals within reach’ quotes Pankaj Maalde, CFP CM, 05 May 2018

The Economic Times – Authored Article titled ‘Change in life goals calls for changes in financial plan’ by Uma Shashikanth, CFP CM, 05 May 2018

The Economic Times - Article titled ‘Q&A’ answered by Jayant. R. Pai, CFP CM, 05 May 2018

Business Standard – Q&A titled ‘Financial literacy’ answered by Jayant Pai, CFP CM, 05 May 2018

The Indian Express – Article titled ‘'MF investors should wait & see until process is over’ quotes Surya Bhatia, CFP CM, 05 May 2018

DNA – Q&A titled ‘‘Look beyond FDs, invest in equity-linked products’’ answered by Harsh Roongta, CFPCM, 03 May 2018

Mint – Authored article titled ‘THE NEW IRDAI CHIEF AND THE TAX-GDP NUMBER’ by Monika Halan, CFPCM, 03 May 2018


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